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ECU Box Code Guide


Start off by connecting your VAG-COM cable to the vehicles OBDII port. Then turn the key to the on position.

Open Vag-Com and Click 'Select'

Step 1

Click 'Engine'

Step 2

Your Box Code and Software Revision will be on the Screen

Step 3

This vehicle has Box Code: 1K0 907 115 AM and Software Revision: 0030.

Alternative you can view a fault code saved readout for your Box Code and Software Revision. They are highlighted in red below.

Address 01: Engine Labels: 06J-906-026-CCT.clb
Control Module Part Number: 1K0 907 115 AM HW: 1K0 907 115 AA
Component and/or Version: 2.0l R4/4V TFSI 0030
Software Coding: 0403010A18070160
Work Shop Code: WSC 13112 024 403079