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JHM Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch Combo w B7 RS4 Pressure Plate for 2.7t


Product Description


JHM has been testing and abusing the B7 RS4 pressure plate since early 2009. This started with our B6-B7 S4 and B7 RS4 product development. In mid 2009, we purchased a 2005 B6 S4 to compliment our long time R&D car, our flagship 2001.5 Nogaro Blue B5 S4. To this day we still own, daily drive, and test products on our in house B5 S4. Of course this car has the full JHM treatment which now features a JHM built motor with Record Setting JHM RS6-R turbos. This car has been running our new Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch setup (Stage 4) with the B7-RS4 pressure plate for quite some time. We've seen much better results with this new kit than we had with the older B5 RS4 pressure plate setups we used to sell.

In true JHM style here are some videos of some of the abuse we have put this clutch setup through during our R&D process:

NEW VIDEO AS OF December 2012. 10.8 quarter mile pass with our 2001.5 B5 S4, full weight street car with stock hood and full exhaust. This car has the stage 4 clutch can hold some power.

JHM burnouts and abuse from late 2010 with our B7 RS4 (we have since gone faster all motor). VIDEO -->HERE> JHM Record Setting Track Run: 11.96 @ 116mph with our Stage 1 B6 S4 Vortech Supercharger Kit on a stock motor. VIDEO -->HERE>

Yes, these are videos of our in house 2005 B6 S4 and our B7 RS4, not a 2.7t. These videos better demonstrate the performance of this new clutch kit due to the fact that these cars have way more instant torque than the B5 S4 because of their increased displacement (2 more cylinders), all motor horsepower design, and no turbo lag. Pressure plate manufacturers use torque - not horsepower - to measure how much power a clutch kit can hold. Torque - not horsepower - is a measurable value. Horsepower is created through torque and revolutions per minute of the motor using a mathematical calculation, not by measuring the force of the motor directly. Therefore torque - not horsepower - is critical when measuring the performance of a clutch and pressure plate.

We looked at these results from our V8 cars and thought that we had to get this setup on our B5 S4. We wanted to offer our in-house B5 S4 (and eventually our customers) the extra durability, street-ability, and lower cost of the B7 RS4 pressure plate. Unfortunately, the B7 RS4 pressure plate IS NOT a bolt on part for the B5 S4. With our custom made lightweight flywheel, now it is.

This flywheel is not like others out there. It's not just a cheaply made, mass produced, modified flywheel but a high quality part, made here in California. It's designed specifically to accept the B7-RS4 pressure plate. Have we mentioned that with our proprietary LWFW design, the B7-RS4 pressure plate offers an increased clamp load over previous setups? (We had it independently tested and we found that it has 18% more clamp load than the B5 RS4 pressure plate). It also gives you a lighter and more precise pedal feel leading to all around better drivability in a B5 chassis car.

We've already gone 11.1 @ 130mph back in 2007 with a stage 3 S4 using a B5 RS4 pressure plate along with a Stage 3 style clutch disc. We know this new kit is much better than our previous offerings that we had on the car. This pressure plate and flywheel setup has 18% more clamp load!!! That allows it to hold more torque than the old style, B5 RS4 pressure plate setups while still maintaining a lighter, more precise pedal! Coming soon: video from our B5 S4 featuring a JHM 2.8L built motor and FULL RS6 turbos.

- FLYWHEEL - These JHM lightweight flywheels are made out of aluminum and weigh 50% less than a stock flywheel: 14lbs versus 28lbs on a B5-S4!!! The iron friction liner is replaceable, so you will never have to buy a new flywheel again. Simply swap the liner if you ever replace your clutch. The crank position ring is welded to the ring gear and fastened with countersunk screws (not cheap pins which are prone to shearing and can be found on other brands). An added benefit to this Lightweight Flywheel upgrade is that it allows B5 S4 owners to run the B7 RS4 pressure plate featured in our JHM clutch kits. This higher clamp load pressure plate is not compatible with the OEM B5 S4 flywheel, so you must run a JHM lightweight flywheel in order to use it. NOTE: If you have a brand-x lightweight flywheel you can send it to JHM for modification to accept the B7 RS4 pressure plate. Please email us for details. We do not modify OEM flywheels for this pressure plate at this time. Why a lightweight flywheel? When you reduce the weight of the rotating mass that the motor has to turn, you free up horsepower and make the engine more responsive.
- CLUTCH KIT - These are available in 3 stages. See drop down boxes below for all options and their prices.
-JHM Stage 1 (Full Organic): Good for Stock, Stage 2+ and mild Stage 3 2.7t engines.
-Stage 2 (Double Sided Kevlar): We do not have a traditional full Stage 2 double sided Kevlar option due to our experience with them over the past 6+ years.
-JHM Stage 3 (hybrid Ceramic/Metal Backed Organic): Good for all Stage 3 K04 powered 2.7t engines
-Stage 4 (hybrid Ceramic/Kevlar): Good for all Stage 3 K04 or RS6 powered 2.7t engines and above. Stage 4 will also handle most low revving (<7500rpm), bigger turbo setups. Due to the inertia of a full face disc, our Stage 4 clutch kit is not recommended for high revving (>7500rpm), big turbo setups. The inertia that results from the weight of a full face disc, spinning at that high of a speed will put excess abuse on synchros in the 01E transmission. For a high revving setup, we recommend a 6 puck disc race style clutch kit (currently in development) with a NON-SAC style pressure plate. This type of kit will be less street-able but if you go big turbo and want to spin your motor past 7500rpm, you need a lightweight and aggressive 6-puck disc to make shifting easier and prevent excess wear to your synchros on the 01E transmission. It is just a big and beefy transmission that can suffer from extensive high rpm use without a lightweight disc.
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INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING -JHM 14lb Hybrid Lightweight flywheel - New pilot bearing (already pressed in) - Flywheel to crank bolts - OEM B7 RS4 pressure plate - clutch disc (choose stage below before ordering) - Pressure plate to flywheel bolts - Throwout bearing - Clutch alignment tool.


NOTE: Clutch break-in is important and must be done properly. You need to do as much city type driving as you can for the first 500 miles the new clutch is in the car. Each time you start from a stop or shift it aids in the break in process. Highway mileage does not count. You also MUST avoid any racing activities, launching, or aggressive driving during the break-in period as this gets the clutch disc too hot. With that being said, you can go full throttle but you just can't speed shift or power shift. For shipping quotes: Please sign in or join then put the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Note: JHM works hard to make all fitment charts as accurate as possible please read the product description to make sure this is correct for your vehicle.
Make Model Year Range
Audi A6 - C5 2000 - 2004
Audi Allroad - C5 2000 - 2005
Audi RS4 - B5 2000 - 2002
Audi S4 - B5 2000 - 2002

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